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    What We Do.

    Welcome to Versatile Design Studios. We are a small design firm located in Kennewick, WA that specializes in website design, graphic design, and company branding. We believe that good websites don’t just look good, they also function well, delivering an intuitive experience for its visitors. We carry this philosophy into our branding strategies, helping our clients develop attractive and flexible identities that lend themselves to a variety of mediums while maintaining the ability to translate your brand. For more information about us and what we do, call us at (509) 396-9991 or shoot us an email.

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    Versatile Rocks

    We like to stay fresh, constantly refining our palette to incorporate the latest in web trends and technology because we believe that our industry demands it. Whether you're a company looking to boost your revenue through successful online marketing and a dynamic website, or simply looking to establish a brand, Versatile offers the tools to help you get what you need from your budget. Don't hesitate, we're waiting to hear from you!

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    Phonebook Design

    Versatile Design Studios was contracted by Versatile Media Group (non affiliate) to design a Spanish phone book “Su Directorio”. This was the first phonebook both companies had ever worked on. It was a 6 month project and Versatile Design Studios was responsible for the data management, ad creation and pagination for the phonebook. Versatile Design Studios used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design the and Adobe InDesign for the books layout and pagination. This was a very challenging project as many companies that purchased ads in the book did not supply logos or images so many logos had to … Continue reading